Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We really enjoyed Christmas with Bert, Nubia, and Jackie.  What a fun time.  Thanks to all of you who sent gifts to us through them, as well.  They are being enjoyed, for sure.  They fly out from Accra tonight so say a prayer for them.  Joel took them to the airport in Tamale, bought a few groceries, and was back in Nalerigu by noon yesterday!

Today I've been trying to get the house back in order.  There are many Christmas gifts that need to find a place here now.  I have guest house, school, and housekeeping duties to get caught up on.  And maybe I can load a few more photos on here, as well.

School starts Monday.  In the meantime, it's time to potty train two-year-old Annaleigh.  That starts tomorrow.  Abigail is looking forward to helping and Annaleigh can't wait to be a big girl!

The hospital stays as busy as ever.  We are thankful for our volunteers, to be sure.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Visit to Gambaga

We are enjoying having Bert, Nubia, and Jackie here with us.  Yesterday I took them with me to visit the women at the Outcast Camp in Gambaga.  I have figured out they are stronger in numbers on Wednesday. There were so many women there making jewelry.

I enjoyed sharing with them from God's Word out of Luke 2.  There is no doubt our Father's presence is there.  Many of the women are believers.

To be so utterly rejected by either your family or those in your community, to be abused as you are being accused, to have your home destroyed-what devastation.  There was a new woman since I had been there the last time.  These women have to adjust to their new life, adjust to being rejected, and go through a grieving process.   Please pray for these women as the Lord leads you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cooking Class Photo 2

One day a couple of months ago the Public Health Dept. had a cooking class for the women at the nutrition center and anyone else interested.  These classes are helpful to teach women other cooking options to give their children the nutrition they need.

Public Health Cooking Class

More at the Nutrition Center

Our kids ministering to the women at the nutrition center.  This photo was taken while the Nyhus family was still here.  Good times.


Baby and Joe's son, Ephraim, was born on August 26.  This is a photo I took the day after he was born.  We love having Ephraim at our house all day!

Date Night

Joel and I had a date last night.  We enjoy having a date night every week when we are home in Texas.  Dan and Linda gave us a date night while they were here and now Bert, Nubia, and Jackie gave us one last night.

Date night here in Nalerigu usually consists of going to an empty guest house to do any of the following:  watch a movie, eat/drink something we bring with us, talk, pray, read the Bible, etc.  Last night we watched "The Help," a new movie on dvd that Nubia brought for us.  It was very good.  Even movie previews become exciting once you've been on the field awhile!

Bert, Jackie, and Nubia put the girls to bed.  Then they watched "White Christmas" with Colt.  I LOVE that movie.  Such a classic Christmas movie. Great story, great songs that stay with you.  So nice to have them all here right now!

There is one restaurant that we have eaten at one time.  We had a double date with Keenan and Cindy Wilson while they were here. Keenan made a "reservation" to let them know we were coming that night.  We were the only customers and ate chicken and fried rice.  We enjoyed our time with them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nutrition Center

(Yea!  A photo that finally loaded!)  Our girls with the Wilson kids back in August.  They are singing at the Nutrition Center to the women and children.  Cindy took the missionary kids each week to do sing and tell a Bible story.

They made it!

Bert, Nubia, and & Jackie made it to Nalerigu yesterday!  Joel went to pick them up at the airport in Tamale.  Then they all picked up a few groceries there before heading this way.  We are so glad they are here.  I'm hoping they are getting some good rest right now.

I will really try to be more diligent about posting on the blog, even when photos don't go through.

Heading to church later this morning.

Thanks to all of you who sent things with Bert, Nubia, and Jackie.  What a blessing!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wilsons Depart

The same day our friends, Dan and Linda, left here (last Saturday), Keenan and Cindy Wilson also left Nalerigu with their children.  They stayed in Ghana all week doing sight-seeing and a bit of shopping. We already miss them so much.  We are so thankful for their time and service here.  We will continue to follow them and see what the Lord has next for this remarkable family.  

Friends & Family

Last week we were blessed to have a visit from our good friends, Dan and Linda Wilson.  They had gone to Uganda, Kenya, and London before arriving in Ghana.  They held marriage conferences as part of their trip.  We so enjoyed having them.  It is hard to put their visit into words.  It was so good to have them here.  They are home now and are hopefully getting some much deserved rest.

Tomorrow Joel's dad, Nubia, and Jackie arrive here in Nalerigu and stay for two weeks.  We are all looking forward to having them.  How nice it will be for all of us.  And how great for them to be here where we are currently living and serving.  Joel goes to Tamale in the morning to pick them up.

This is the last day of school for us.  Colt is very excited about the Christmas holidays now-especially the part about no school!  It will be nice to have a break.  Abigail likes school and will miss it a bit, though she can't wait to see our family.

The kids are all growing and changing.  They grow up too fast, don't they?

Baby's baby, little Ephraim, is also growing up, too.  We are blessed by them.  Baby and her family are doing well.

I have so many photos I want to post.  I try when I am able.

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