Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Update

We wanted to let you know that we are coming home in early November.   There are many precious people here in Ghana whom we are sad to leave behind.  However, we continue to seek the Lord and simply believe the Lord is showing us our time here is coming to a close.

We are happy that several more long-term doctors are coming to BMC both this fall and over the summer, including our friends, the Coppolas.  This is encouraging to us as far as the hospital itself goes.

We were thinking about leaving in December .  However, when Joel looked at our passports, all three kids have an issue of some kind-needing new passports/new residency permit this fall.  So, we are planning for all five of us to fly home in early November.  Joel will interview for a job while we are there.  

After about 10 days, Joel will fly back without us to Ghana to check on the new surgeon and a resident who will be here.  There is also a close friend, Nate Bradford, who is coming to Ghana to work at the hospital with his son during that time.  After Joel spends about two more weeks in Ghana in November, he will join us in Texas.  

The hospitals in San Angelo have just hired and/or are bringing in new OB/Gyns, so we are looking at other opportunities for work for Joel. We will miss so many of you in San Angelo but look forward to this new chapter in our lives.  

Moving back to the US will have its challenges for all of us, more so for the kids.  Our main focus when we first arrive will be finding a job, house, school, and church.  We want to get settled as soon as we can so the kids can start feeling like they are home again.  We thank you for your continued prayers as we work toward this new transition in our lives. 


The Dickens