Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 4th Celebration

I have a slide show of July 4th pics but our internet can't load it.  We'll see if it can take just a few photos this way instead!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey, dear ones.  We are doing great.  Abigail had broken her wrist but she be as good as new by Monday or so.  It was a small break.  She fell while playing we were playing in our yard one night.

I'm down here at the school house using the internet early in the morning when the speed is a little faster.  We sure miss being able to be in better touch with you all.  Any IT person feel led to make a month or two long mission trip here to help us work out our IT issues? :)  Truly, it would be a blessing.

School starts on August 15th for us here.  It has usually been just us and the Hewitts doing school here in the past.  This fall we will have around 12 children, I believe.

There are many photos I would like to share.  I just need to be able to get down here to use the internet (and at a time of day when internet is on and is fast enough to load photos).  So, hang tight.

We love and miss you all and love hearing from you.