Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Cameroon til Later in June

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and interest in our lives.  We are doing well.  Joel made it home safely last night back here to Cameroon.  He took the truck when he did because his Nigerian visa expires this month.  (He drove the truck from Cameroon, through Nigeria, Benin, & Togo, then into Ghana.)  We will be here in Cameroon until about the third week in June.  We are still working on getting our container from the port here in Cameroon to Ghana.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heading back to Nalerigu

We have had a great experience at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. The residency programs in internal medicine and surgery are going extremely well. The missionaries are great people. The hospital is well run and the doctors and staff are very good people. After a lot of prayer, however, we felt like our hearts are still with the people of  Northern Ghana. There remains an extreme need for medical care in a region with few doctors. We have decided to return as of 21 June. We appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.

Vincent, a driver for the Cameroon Baptist Convention, and Joel drove the truck and trunks with personal good from Bamenda Cameroon to Lagos Nigeria. Joel drove the truck from Lagos Nigeria to Accra Ghana. We really felt the Lord's presence as there were no major difficulties. I did get some bad fuel, or had a miscommunication as to the type of fuel, as I left Nigeria and had to get the fuel tank drained as I entered Benin. I was blessed to find somoene who spoke enough English to help take the tank off the truck and drain the fuel. I made it to Accra around 8 pm to the guest house in Accra where Jimmy and Sylvia blessed me with a hamburger (first meal during the three days of travelling other than crackers and bread).

We will miss the great folks in Cameroon who have become our friends but look forward to resuming work in Nalerigu. Please pray as we make arrangements for our shipping container to be forwarded to Ghana from Cameroon, the last hurdle in our transition. We appreciate all the great folks back home and accross the nations who have supported our journey. I am thankful for such a supportive and loving wife who has been such a pillar of strength during this time.

blessings to all and come see us in Ghana,