Sunday, November 14, 2010

Same but Different by Joel

We ate at Whataburger the other night. Abigail wanted to eat outside, It was a nice evening so we agreed. I must confess, it was the first time I remember eating outside at Whataburger. It reminded me of a similar location in Ghana, Becky's Chop Bar. From Whataburger we could see the road, and also had a view of Community Hospital. From Becky's we also could sit outside with a view of Baptist medical center and the road thru Nalerigu. We could order food at both locations, Whataburger is sandwiched between two gas stations,  Becky's is down the road a ways from a gas station.  So things are pretty much the same, but ... at Becky's , you might could order one or two things but when the food is finished it is finished for the day, at Whataburger, you can keep on getting more food 24/7.  The view of the road at Whataburger shows 4 lanes of nice pavement crowded with SUV's and pickups ( this is Texas). In Nalerigu, the number of goats, pigs and donkeys on the road often times outnumber's the cars. At  Baptist Medical Center, in rainy season, we might have 3 or 4 children die a night from infectious diseases (malaria, meningitis etc), at Community, I doubt if 3 children die from an infectious disease a year. A trip to the gas station gets us gas 24/7 here in San Angelo. In Nalerigu, the gas is often times "finished" and you must return another day. 

Although our circumstances in the US are different from those in Northern Ghana, we have the same Lord, Jesus Christ. For some reason, we in the US have been materially blessed., I guess to be a blessing to those folks in Nalerigu and literally thousands of places like it in need of a touch of His hand. We've been learning a lot about that from reading the book "Radical"