Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Been Too Long

Well, we're still out here in Ghana.  We've been busy with much going on.  The Nyhus Family has gone back to Kansas as the Lord called them home.  They did so much ministry in their time here.  The hospital compound is different again without them all here.  So, now all the missionaries are sharing the guest house responsibilities.  I am handling the calendar and guest house assignments.  Another family from Kansas may be coming at the beginning of the year to fill this position.

The Keenan Wilson family is making the most of the rest of their time here.  Follow them if you'd like to:  Keenan is a dr., his wife Cindy is a nurse who is homeschooling their three children.  Evan is 18, Allie is 15, and Natalie is 12.  What a blessing it is to have them here right now.

I'm hoping to get some new photos uploaded.  It took 30 minutes to load one, then it did not load right, so I've started over.

We are getting settled in with the things that arrived on our shipment.  We took medical equipment up to the hospital, as well.  Dr. Kay Johnston donated two great medical chairs/exam tables.  The dentist office desperately needed one so we put one there.  The other one is now in maternity.

There were a couple of items the hospital in Cameroon purchased that we were bringing on our container.  We had planned to ship them to Cameroon once we got access to our items here.  But we were told they would just donate them to the ministry here.  That is so kind of the folks there.  We still miss our new friends there.

We have also been enjoying George and Elisabeth Faile while there are here for two weeks. George is helping at the hospital and Elisabeth is pitching in with items donated recently.  Both library books and school books are here to be given to those who need them.

This is also the big 50th anniversary of First Baptist Church here in Nalerigu.  They had a big party yesterday.

There is much ministry going on and much in our everyday family lives to keep us busy.  I will close for now to hope this post will upload before I need to move on to other things today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Thank you all for your prayers for our container.  It arrived on Tuesday, October 4th.  We are glad that is now behind us.  I'm finding places for things. The kids are happy it is here.  We are happy to have some medical supplies for the hospital, as well.  Two large exam chairs were donated and will be helpful here, among other items.

Our internet had been out for awhile.  Thank you for your patience as we hope to post more on the blog soon.

We love and miss you all much.