Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Five of Us

Dickens' Women

July 4th in Lake City

Gammy Time

Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Mark, & the Kids

Memaw & the Kids

Jacob & Colt

Colt Skateboarding

On the Ferry

Family Photo!

Colt & Papa Don; Cousin Photo!

Fun with Annaleigh

Jason & Abigail

Cousin Fun-Kennen & Abigail

Daddy & Annaleigh

Playing at the Beach in Galveston

Granddaddy, Granny, and the Girls

A Few Highlights

We arrived safely in Accra yesterday.  Jet lag is the operative word right now!  Joel is getting the oil changed on our truck at the Toyota dealership here in Accra this morning.  The kids are sleeping.  It took them quite awhile to get to sleep last night.  Even at midnight here, it was only 7 pm in Texas.  It takes awhile for their little body clocks to get adjusted again.

In America, I enjoyed so much getting to visit with family and a few friends.  I never seemed to find the time to update our blog.  So, here I am again enjoying the high-speed internet in Accra.  We'll see how many photos I can post before our kiddos wake up.

It was a blessing to be home for awhile.  Thank you for your continued prayers.  I need to work out a school schedule so I am able to do some teaching with each child.  We need to pick up food today before making the long drive back home tomorrow.

Joel's sister, Jackie, comes for a visit later this week.  She is also traveling with another friend of ours, Bethany Smith.  We have known the Smiths for close to 20 years and are looking forward to having both Jackie and Bethany with us for a few weeks.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I know we've not blogged much since we arrived in America.  Actaully, we've not blogged at ALL, have we?  We have been busy since getting to the States, for sure.

We have been in Colorado now for over a week and are enjoying being here so much.  Tonight we will cook a Ghanian dish for the group.  And let them see the jewelry I brought from the Outcast Camp in Gambaga, as well.

I hope to catch up on blogging soon.  We will see how that works out.  You all are a blessing to us.  Thanks for faithfully checking on us, praying for our family, as well as for the people of Ghana.