Thursday, September 27, 2012


We have really enjoyed having more friends here this month of September.  Two of our pastor's daughters (Katie and Abigail) have been here.  Katie came with her dr. husband, Scott, who has helped tremendously in a time that is pretty lean on volunteers.  Katie and Scott also brought their two children-nearly 3 year old Asher and 8 month old Sullivan.  Our girls have enjoyed playing with their children and Colt has loved having Abigail from his home town to hang with , as well.  It's sad to think they leave here on Saturday.  They have been real troopers.

A good group went with me yesterday to the Outcast Camp.  I'm wrapping up the story of Joseph.  I told the women the best part is what we hear next-when Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers!  These women, and those whose job it is to look after them, continue to need our prayers.

We plan to post again in the next few days, I believe.  We love you all much.