Friday, July 22, 2011


We are settling into life here in Nalerigu again.  It is wonderful to see friends we've had for a long time now, as well as make new ones.

Life is not without excitement.  We were playing "Hide and Seek Base" the other night outside the house with some other folks.  Abigail did not see a large rock in the way and fell hard onto the ground.  She ended up having a small break in her right wrist.  She is left-handed, so she's hanging in there pretty well.

We've had part of the house painted.  I'm waiting on fabric from the container for the rest of the house.  We have word it is supposed to be on a ship now for Ghana.  We are glad of that.  Relocating in Africa is, of course, quite expensive.  But we are hanging in there.

I am hoping to post the last few photos from Cameroon and update with some from Ghana soon.  I'm here at the school house using the internet while Joel is with the kids, so I've got some extended time here to get some things done online.

Thanks for your prayers.  There are so many people all around us with so many needs.  We need continued discernment to know every step the Lord is calling us to take.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second Week

We are well into our second week back in Nalerigu.  Things are going really well.  We continue to get settled in at home.  Our oven is not working well so we are working on getting that fixed.  More suitcases and trunks are unpacked each day.  We only have the trunks of things we had packed from Ghana to get to Cameroon.  We had left a good bit of our personal belongings here in Ghana when we left last year but had chosen a few of those items to take to Cameroon.  And then we have our suitcases we took from the States to Cameroon.  So, not too much to deal with at this point.  The house desperately needs new paint as it was already needing it before we left a year ago.  It is nice to get a lot of this taken care of before our container arrives.  It is still in port in Cameroon.  Thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to get that worked out.

It is so fun to see so many faces from our first term in Ghana.  Joel has started back full-time at the hospital this week.  The children seem to be settling in very well.  Colt spends much of his time playing outside.  Between the Hewitts, the Coppolas (friends here from the States for a month), the Nyhus', and the Ghanian children, there is a real neighborhood of kids right now!  It is great!  And there are two more families on the way-one for six months and one more long-term.

It is so nice to have one term behind us.  Our perspective is so different now.  Life can be hard here, but it is so worth it to minister to the people.  We are returning refreshed as I'm sure many missionaries have done before us.

Several of you have asked about skyping us.  Please email us again about that.  We will try to set up times for that as we would LOVE to hear from you that way!

We continue to look for ways to minister to the people here in the midst of Joel's duties at the hospital and my duties at home with Colt (now 10), Abigail (close to 4), and Annaleigh (2 on July 20th).  They are adjusting and adapting so well.

Did I say this before in another post?  Some have asked about Baby.  She and her family are doing well.  She is expecting a new baby in August.  It is so good to see her again.  She is such a blessing to our family.  The kids are so happy to see her, as well.

We sense the Lord with us.  Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we settle here.