Friday, June 18, 2010

New Blog

Our new blog will be under construction for awhile. I should be able to get more done with it once we get back to the States and better internet.

We have been in much prayer trying to determine the Lord's will for when we are to leave Nalerigu and also if we are to go to Cameroon to start an OB/Gyn program for West African trainees. We have also been looking at the schedule of voluneer doctors coming here to Nalerigu in the next few months. It sounded like two different West African surgeons would come here long-term and that still may happen. Not as fast as some of us thought originally, however. It also looked, for awhile, like an American doctor would come this fall for a year. That will not happen now. Joel has been trying to see when there would be the least amount of time without a surgeon here for the people when we leave.

We believe we now have direction. We are coming to the States early in July. We plan to settle into our house again in San Angelo for the majority of the time.

We also both believe we are to go on to Cameroon the end of December. There are so many people in such need all over the world. Joel and I both simply don't believe it's time yet for us to go back to our more convenient life in America. Joel being able to multiply himself, as such, by starting a residency program in West Africa is an incredible opportunity. He would also lead his residents in regular Bible study. We would likely stay f0r around five years, coming home for a couple of months each summer.

The decision/call to go to Cameroon is not an easy one. We are certainly countinng the cost of what we will continue to miss in America. The only thing that really matters to us is the relationships with you all. We cannot tell you how much we have missed you while we have been over here in Ghana. We believe coming home each summer will help. This is not an easy decision in many ways.

Mbingo is in a truly beautiful tropical area in the mountains. Their rainy season is about eight months long. The temperatures are generally not nearly as high here in Nalerigu. We would enjoy going on hikes together.

Thanks again to those who have been praying for my dad. He is recovering well from his pancreatic cancer surgery. When he has recovered fully he will start chemo.

We wanted to let you know how we are being led and about the plans we are making. Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.