Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Morning

Once the girls wake up each morning, life is busy, busy, busy!  I'm trying to get this post in before they get up today.  We have had a washer for a couple of days now.  It is so nice to have and sure makes life a bit easier.

School is going well.  Some of the missionary kids have Spring Break right now.  Colt already had time off before we left.  We're letting him have a shorter version of school until Spring Break is over, though.
Colt has enjoyed hiking with the Sparks, another missionary family, this week one afternoon.  The mountains here are so pretty.

I've fixed pizza and quiche a time or two.  Now I have what I need to make a soup or two.  We are slowly learning where to get various types of foods.

Joel has been seeing patients this week and seeing how OB/Gyn cases are currently handled here at the hospital.  He will start working on getting residents here for his program, as well as getting more equipment here at the hospital.

We have Cameroonian neighbors who also work at the hospital.  Our next door neighbors are a nice couple who have two young children.  Their oldest is 19 months old, Annaleigh's age.  They also have a 6 month old baby-both boys.  Their oldest has been diagnosed with cancer.  I am not even sure what kind but he has a large tumor in his torso area.  They are a precious family who loves the Lord.  They are believing God for a miracle.  Please pray with them.

The girls are starting to wake, so I will close for now.  We miss you all so.

Our House

Friday, March 11, 2011

We are doing well. I had a nice birthday yesterday.  Last year I spent my 40th birthday in the States.  It's hard to believe that was a year ago. We were home for just two weeks then because my grandmother had passed away.  Now we are back in Africa again. Time does fly by.  I tell myself that all the time about the kids.  Our time with them is so fleeting.  They are precious.

Some have wanted an update on my dad with the pancreatic cancer.  He has started his second round of treatment.  It sounds like over all things are going fairly well for him.  This is a chemo and radiation together-daily.  He has a few weeks to go with this.  He should find out soon exactly how long.  Thanks for your continued inquiries and prayers for him.

Joel starts work on Monday.  He has been helping us get a bit more settled at home this week.  We have a long way to go but are doing alright.  Patience is a must here in Africa!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Home School

We started a little school with Colt this morning.  Abigail and Annaleigh were also ready to join him.  Annaleigh did not want loose pages.  She had to have some kind of workbook like Colt and Abigail had.  So we found a blank spiral notebook.  Not having writing on the pages was not a problem!  Fun times.

School on Monday

Saturday, March 5, 2011

View From our Front Porch


We arrived at Mbingo Hospital on Thursday evening.  We still do not have a cell phone working but as of a couple of hours ago we have internet at the house.  We are getting settled into the house here.  The girls seem glad to be "home" and getting into a routine of sorts.  We are unpacking our luggage from the plane as well as our things brought over on the truck from Ghana.  The girls were excited to see their toys they had not seen in 8 months.  They play with them while we unpack (at least it works that way some of the time)!  Colt is getting adjusted as well.  We are all slowly adjusting to the time change.

It is the end of dry season, moving into rainy season here, from what we understand.  It is amazingly green and cool here even now.

We have met our Cameroonian neighbors both beside and behind us.  They all work at the hospital here.  They are all so kind and welcoming.  

The missionaries have been so welcoming.  They have helped to stock our house with basic supplies until we can buy some in Bamenda and until our things arrive on the sea container.

In Bamenda in the next week we hope to purchase a freezer, washing machine, and microwave.  In the meantime we are making do!

Joel and Colt are on a hike right now while the girls are down for their naps.

I have much unpacking to do still so suppose I should wrap this up.  We love continuing to hear from you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are almost finished with our journey!

I know many of you in the States are wanting an update.  We arrived in Cameroon this evening, flying into  Douala.  We have roughly a seven hour van ride tomorrow, arriving near dinner time at our house and the hospital.  Abigail had no more bouts with illness and none of the rest of us have had anything new going on. Praise the Lord and thank you all for your continued prayers.

We sense the peace of the Lord as we come back to West Africa.  We are very ready to get settled as we have not been settled anywhere for quite awhile.  We love you all lots and will continue to post when we can.  It may take a little time to get internet up and running at our house.  So hang tight!

We really are all doing really well in spite of being so tired.  The Lord is going before us. I really sense Him and can see spiritually how He has come before us and prepared the way.

Blessings!  Keep praying and letting us know how to pray for you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday Night

It's very late on Monday night-after 2 am.  Joel and I are about to go to bed.  We have been trying to decide what stays here and what goes on the plane with us to Cameroon tomorrow.  If all goes well, we will not get our container for a month.  So, we are taking things on the plane such as our water filter to make the water safer to drink, Annaleigh's booster chair (with straps, of course!), Colt's school books, to name a few things.  We are also weighing our bags to be sure none of them are above 50 lbs. 

We have been battling various sicknesses among the five of us.  The latest tonight was Abigail.  After she was asleep she vomitted two different times.  Please pray the rest of us do not follow suit while traveling over the next two days. 

I've got to get a few hours of sleep, so I will sign off for now.  Thanks so much for following us and for your prayers.  We love hearing back from you.  It is an incredible encouragement to us!