Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Finds

We've been in our home in San Angelo for  a week now.  It's so nice to be home.  We are leaving the boxes in the garage as I unpack, for the most part.  I only want to bring in what we really need.  It's so nice to have such an uncluttered house!  I've discovered our dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, kitchen utensils, and towels.  The kids are all enjoying playing with the unpacked toys we left here.  The girls like  the baby toys we had for Colt when he was young.  Colt is enjoying some of his legos and lincoln logs we left behind.

Joel found something special in his tool box in the garage-his wedding band!  He lost it just before leaving for Ghana in 2008.  Now he realizes it must have fallen off when he was digging for a tool.  What a nice surprise!

Dear friends put groceries in our kitchen for us before we arrived home.  Several meals have arrived on various nights, as well.  We love our friends and family!

It's been amazing to see all the fresh fruit and vegetables at the store.  We made one shopping trip together at the grocery store-all five of us.  We went through the store in 1 1/2 hours, looking and picking out things we'd not had in 1 1/2 years.  We really are a country with so much.

We enjoyed church on Sunday.  We thought we'd break the girls in slowly to being away from us as they really have never been away from us much at all.  When Abigail saw her class at church, she wanted to stay with the other children and seemed to love every minute of it.  She says, "Mama no stay," for the next time she goes!  So far, so good there!  Annaleigh seemed to enjoy playing with the toys in her room while we were in there, as well.

Colt has enjoyed play time with one friend, Nathan, already, and enjoyed seeing others at church Sunday.  He is loving so many things about being home.  He and Abigail will start swim lessons tomorrow.  They did not get many opportunities to swim in Ghana.

My dad is doing really well.  Physical therapy has him up and walking a bit and also sitting up a lot, leaving his room.  He has also started eating solid foods today.  These are huge steps of progress in his recovery from the surgery he had two months ago now.

I will start posting photos again soon.  I'm still working on getting everything functional here at the house.  We had to have our hard drive replaced recently, so still working on getting things back to normal there.

Just a little about us.  Til next time...

Friday, July 16, 2010


After being in the States for several weeks, we plan to be home in San Angelo in just a few days now.  We are all excited about this.  We will keep you updated on things as we are able.

Dad continues to make slow improvements.  He has been moved to a rehab facility to help him gain his strength back as his wound from surgery continues to heal and as his systems get back in order.

For any of you who have just started checking our blog and would like to see what we have been up to, our old blog address while we were in Ghana is:

I hope to start adding more photos soon.  We are still in such a time of transition right now.

Thanks for your comments!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, we've been stateside for awhile now. Joel joined us on Tuesday. Yesterday he took the kids up to Colorado.

Dad is doing ok. He had been so sick with so many complications after the inital surgery. Then he had to have another surgery. He's had problems with infection, breathing, severe nausea, and on and on. He's not on his feet much at all and is still extremely weak. He's not eating any real foods yet. His kidneys have improved a lot and is not connected to nearly as many machines as he was a few weeks ago. We take the small steps of progress in stride.
He's still at Methodist Hospital for now.

We are all adjusting to being back in America. Abigail wonders where home is, where we will live. She doesn't really remember much about our San Angelo house. When we stop at stop lights, she says, "Why Momma stop?" She is used to stopping for a goat or donkey crossing the road, but not a light up in the sky!

Colt is enjoying American food again-strawberries, corn dogs, LETTUCE salad (with ranch dressing, of course), to name a few current favorites.

Annaleigh gets around anyway she can. Then she has times when she wants to be a cuddle bug. I love those times!

Thanks again for your continued prayers for us and for Dad and Nancy. She is looking after him tirelessly. We will keep you posted as we can. So nice to have great internet again now.