Monday, September 19, 2011

Here's Baby while she was still pregnant.  She has now had her baby.  In fact, we had to miss her baby naming ceremony at her church because we have been in Tamale for a homeschool co-op group.  They already have two girls and now have a boy.  We are so happy for all of them!

Joel in Surgery

Friday, September 9, 2011


Pictured in this photo is a young man named Lazarus who has been at the hospital for over 6 months.  I will relate what I know of his story, though I may not have all the details straight.  At some point, he lost his parents in an automobile accident.  He is not from this area, but was visiting his grandmother up north here.  He was playing soccer (called football) when he broke his leg.  As can often happen here, his injury got infected.  After much work and many months, it was determined his leg needed to be amputated.  

Lazarus loves the Lord and knows English well.  He reads his Bible daily.  He is still in the hospital at this time though he gets around pretty well here on the compound during the day.  His grandmother looks after him much of the time.  Lazarus is able to get around some now on crutches.  We are hopeful he will receive a prosthesis.  Your prayers for him are greatly appreciated.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello to all of you led to follow us. We always enjoy hearing from you and are extremely encouraged by your emails, letters, and blog comments.  We have settled in well to life here in Nalerigu again.  Joel's work at the hospital is going well.  We also have several weeks of school with the missionary kids behind us, too.

There are many things I want to blog about with photos.  My last few attempts to load photos have not been successful.  I will keep trying like I always do.  Joel is taking an occasional photo at the hospital and will blog when he can, as well.

On a different note, Joel and I have several sermons on cd to encourage us spiritually.  What is also so awesome is to have teachings on dvd so that we can see the preacher/teacher.  That means so much to us over here.  If any of you have any sermon dvds you are not using, we would love to use them.  If you want to know more, email us!

Several of you have asked for an update on our container.  We do not have it here yet.  We have word we might receive it sometime this month.  The original paperwork on shipping it from Cameroon to Ghana still needs to be sent from Cameroon.  Thank you for keeping us in mind.  The Lord will work things out in His time, as He sees fit.  We are doing fine without these things in the meantime.

Joel and I have a desire to learn more of the main tribal language here.  We'd love prayer that we would find Mampruli materials and also the time to learn more of the language.

The school age missionary kids here (such as Colt) now are ministering a couple of times a week to people here on the compound.  I will blog about this more with photos when I'm able.  It is great fun to watch!

Thanks for checking in on us.  God is good!